War of the Wheels 2018 - The Big Shoutout

War of the Wheels 2018 - Paua Rangers Team Huddle

With last weeks War of the Wheels done and dusted, we'd like to make a massive shout out to all those involved in making it happen!

Tournament Head NSO - Marlow Edwards (Purple Parfait) and On track Head NSO - Reece Phillips (Espresso Bar-Beanie) for keeping all the officiating jobs running smoothly.

Tournament Head Referee - Chris Roome (Major Mischief), Crew Head Ref - Jill Aungiers Northcote (Daisy Pain), Crew Head Ref - Narissa Tuawhiorangi (silent witnis) and all the Referees and NSO's who gave up their weekends and travelled from far and wide to be part of our Tournament.

All the amazing NSO's and Referees from Sulphur City Steam Rollers and Whakatane Roller Derby and the past members of Moana Roller Derby who came to NSO and Referee.

Our very own amazing members of Moana Roller Derby who were NSO's and Referees and our Paua Rangers who were able to NSO as well as play 4 games!!

All the volunteers who helped out at front of house selling admission, raffle tickets, merch and snacks. Everyone who helped set up and pack down the venue for the Event.

Also a big thank you to our new intake recruits who gave up their time to come along to watch, support us, volunteer!

And the amazing Amy Stephenson who spent her Saturday taking crazy good photos for us!!

This cheer was for you all!